Well-connected is a New Zealand-based IT consultancy established in 2002.


Our services include:

  • Design and development
    bespoke websites and applications, content management
  • Software engineering
    systems architecture, interfaces, security, data model, database design, testing
  • Managed hosting
    capacity planning, provisioning, server administration, backup, deployment, performance monitoring, security
  • E-commerce
    store setup, configuration, customisation, administration
  • Project management
    business needs, compliance, time frames, budget, scheduling, dependency analysis, gap analysis, risk analysis
  • Systems integration
    interfaces, processes, data flows and conversions
  • Translation


We are committed to free and open standards that bridge web applications and mobile devices.

Part of our effort goes into research and development of frameworks, tools, infrastructure technologies, algorithms, design patterns, and best practice methodologies.

Our websites and applications are based on a framework using a stack of mostly open-source software technologies.

At the heart of our framework architecture is a server-side model-view-controller framework that dynamically generates web content and business applications using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and PHP.